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Big Little Pieces
  1. Writing HTML
    Book chapter: The Mosaic & Web Explorer, 1995
    An un-attributed appendix on writing HTML, as of August 1994.
  2. Multitasking State Machines
    Magazine article: C Users Journal, November 1992
    A very efficient multitasking system with task priorities and event waits built upon a state machine that switches from one state record to another between every state handler.
  3. An Overview of Object-Oriented Windows Development Tools
    'Book' chapter: Datapro July 1992
    A reasonably comprehensive survey, from C++ to Lisp, and from compilers and libraries to CASE tools.
Real Little Pieces
  1. Critique: Microsoft Developer's Network CD
    Magazine article: PC Techniques, Aug/Sep 1993
    The CD makes short work of the problems that every Windows programmer faces.
  2. Using RAM Disks to Speed Booting
    Magazine article: PC World, 1984
    I'm not sure of the title anymore - I thought I had a copy in the storage shed, but I wasn't able to find it when we moved. (This got reprinted at least once in some sort of Best Of list.)
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