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As Midnight Beach, I offer software consulting and custom analysis services, with a particular emphasis on agile and reliable software methodologies. On .NET, I am a C# programmer, but I do have strong Delphi and Kylix experience, and use languages from Perl to assembler, as appropriate. (As of January, 2007, I am working as a Linux Software Engineer, and should soon be able to offer the same level of Linux and C expertise as I now offer in the Windows world.)

As a consultant, I fix problems, do quick tweaks, and can provide expertise and perspective on demand. For example, I can do a code review and write reports suitable for management, the development team, or QA.

Training is a new service at Midnight Beach. I've had success with custom training based on my upcoming .NET 2.0 book. Feel free to contact me about .NET 2.0 training tailored to your needs.

As an author and an analyst, I can explain things to you so you can make a decision. I can do research and write you a 2 or 200 page summary. I can provide a road map to a new technology, or compare a set of contenders.

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