Writing HTML

A Warning

This document was written in August of 1994, as an appendix to the Coriolis Group book, Mosaic & Web Explorer. (I had an oral promise of a byline ....) The contract I signed forbade me to post it until the book came out, which happened in March or April of 1995. So, there's no mention of Netscape or its extensions: This is strictly a HTML 2.0 tutorial. If that's too archaic for you, stop reading right here!

Paradoxically, I do use Netscape tables. If you are reading this with a viewer that can't handle tables and would like to urge me to bite the bullet and write a table-less version, send me mail.

I hope you find this useful - please let me know what you think of it.

- JDS, June 12, 1995

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if you don't mind the tables or the strictly-2.0 and want the tutorial.

Jon Shemitz - jon@midnightbeach.com - September 17, 1995