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.Net Architecture
A reprise of the 2002 BorCon talk, delivered to user groups in Pleasanton and Santa Rosa, California. (PowerPoint slides, without BorCon sponsor logos)
BorCon Europe - London, October 2002

.Net Architecture
A programmer's introduction to .Net - what it is, and what's in it for us. Includes: runtime functional groups; jitting and garbage collection; common type system and language neutrality; .Net object model (like the Delphi object model, but not identical); framework classes and "learn once, work anywhere." (Conference paperConference slides)

Kylix is similar but not identical to Delphi. Sketches nature of various incompatabilities, then goes into some detail about the most common issues they present. Includes: window manager issues; borderless forms; both VCL and CLX have features the other doesn't; library loading and the "application directory"; standard IO; catching dynamic memory bugs; threads and events. (Conference paperConference slides)
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