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Google is a search engine

Use Google whenever you have a question.

Google has come to feel like part of my brain. I feel stupid whenever I can't use Google. When I see a reference to something I don't understand, I use Google to find an explanation. Google is the best cure yet for Future Shock.

Google news is the best way to track the news during the day. Google news regularly reads several thousand news sources, and automatically detects clusters of similar stories. It then builds a virtual front page, which is really surprisingly good, considering it's totally automatic. You can also search for the stories which aren't heavily reported enough to make the 'front page'.

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Resources on other sites

A weekly, libertarian newsmagazine that calls itself a liberal newspaper. It comes from the UK, with extensive reporting and printing in the US, and has been my choice for a Main News Source for several years. Excellent writing and reporting, and a seductively consistent editorial position. Much is online, but more is only available to subscribers - and the magazine is printed on high quality lightweight paper that delivers the clear printing you need for maximum reading speed in a very portable and unobtrusive form factor. Somewhat Christian, and is cheapest just before Christmas. I highly recommend this quarterly journal of history essays by high school students. The quality is often quite striking, and your kids will go far if they can think this clearly. You may also find it interesting simply as a resource - all but the most ardent amateur historians will learn something from every issue. Lesson plans, teacher guides and online activities, most designed to complement PBS television programs. A great entry point to all sorts of NASA pictures and information. "A collection of puzzles ranging over geometry, probability, number theory, algebra, calculus, and logic. Hints are provided, along with answers, fully worked solutions, and links to related mathematical topics. Many of the puzzles are elementary in their statement, yet challenging."

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Resources on this site

A short online slide show. A page of pointers to documents on learning and logic. Marked up to look good in your Web browser. A very small set of reviews of books, programs, and/or games of interest to parents in general or home-schoolers in particular.

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Quick Tips
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In many ways, this is and will always be the weakest section of my page. It really takes more time than I have just to keep up with the steady stream of link suggestions, so I don't spend much time just roaming around on the Web looking for Neat Stuff.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Neat Stuff pages out there (even if I don't have any pointers to them here) so perhaps it doesn't matter all that much that this section is so pathetic.