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Resume - work history

January 2007 to present

Linux Software Engineer, PalmSource.

March 1984 to January 2007

Software entrepreneur, MIDNIGHT BEACH. Contract programming, independent development, and freelance writing (including, most recently, my Apress book .NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers, which came out in June, 2006).

Early products were strategy games; FORMIT, a 'markup language' for text formatting; XBBS, a multi-user hypertext BBS that ran under DOS, using my particularly efficient (5 users on a 5 MHz 8086) multitasking kernel; and MANDELBROT 3, a fast, interactive fractal program that Byte and The New York Times each recommended twice.

MANDELBROT 3 was the only one of my programs that even approached selling well. So, I still write code 'on spec', but more to keep my skills up to date than as anything that may lead to a big hit. These days I regard myself primarily as a consultant and contractor. I usually work from home, staying in touch with customers via phone calls and email.

August 1981 to March 1984

APL programmer, STSC, Oakland and Los Angeles. Maintenance scheduling and reporting system for utility companies; contract tuning and repair of PC and mainframe APL code.

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