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Palo Alto April 5, 2006

Advanced Delegates

Delegates may be the least-understood part of the CLR. Delegates look a bit like method pointers, but the differences go well beyond delegates' multi-cast abilities. I will start with a quick survey of delegate basics, including invocation list editing and event syntax (which few people seem to really understand). I will then explore 2.0's anonymous methods before concluding with a lengthy discussion of asynchronous delegate execution and the system ThreadPool. Along the way, I'll touch on minor topics like covariance and contravariance as well as creating a delegate instead of repeatedly invoking a dynamically loaded method.

SDForum Windows SIG
Cubberly Community Center
4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Pizza at 6:30, talk at 7:15 to 9

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