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December 31, 2001
Steve Garland, on borland.public.kylix.non-technical:

I have already bought a handful of Kylix books and some are mostly Delphi text re-hashed.

The book by Jon Shemitz is a virtual gold mine of information not only about Kylix but about Linux in general. It is chock full of tons and tons of useful information and will take me months to absorb I am sure.

From Linux Internals, to threads, to optimization, to deployment this is a Kylix Book from start to finish (as the cover states). There are chapters on Kylix for Delphi users and Kylix for VB Users. He goes into important concepts like regexes in great detail which I never know were so important<g. and does an incredible job of anticipating questions from Delphi/Windows Developers.

To me it's a book written by a developer who develops and just doesnt' just write books.

Absolutely the BEST Kylix BOOK to date and right up there with the best Delphi books. Great job Jon!

Kylix Developers, Please, let's support this guy! It's almost 1,000 pages and is fabulous!

Highly recommended.