Jon Shemitz
- netizen
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1995 2006
Online life has been very kind to me - I've gotten jobs and free computer equipment, and I found my partner and many of our friends online - and I've always tried to give something back. For years and years I ran XBBS, a multi-user "tree structured" discussion BBS I wrote, but eventually the Net killed it: Out of the hundred or so people who use a small-town BBS, there may not be even one or two people who share some particular interest of yours, while on the Net you can find hundreds.

When I finally gave in and got on the Net, too, old habits of "paying forward" kicked in, and I find myself playing net.activist from time to time. I maintain (or at least host) some popular Web pages; run some tiny, low-volume mailing lists; and once even sponsored a couple of newsgroups ( and

Last updated June 26, 2006