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Jon's Homeschool Resource Page started, quite literally, as a single page back on June 14, 1994, in the Web's early, nearly pre-consumer days. Sure, The New York Times had already run an article or two about Mosaic, but AOL had never heard of TCP/IP or HTTP, and there weren't Mom and Pop PPP shops in every college town in the country. I was still using SLIP on a local free Unix system, and wondering what I should contribute to this new self-publishing world.

I started with a FAQ file from the home-ed mailing list and a RFC for a pair of homeschooling newsgroups, and started accumulating stuff. I just kept accumulating stuff, and people started sending me links. At this point, it's been in books, it's linked to all over the .Net, and always comes up high in a Google search for homeschooling - I couldn't shut it down if I wanted to.

Created on June 14, 1994, last updated October 8, 2002 • Contact jon@midnightbeach.com