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This page got to be very old and out of date, with lots of broken links to obsolete code. Perhaps someday I'll restore it to it's 'former glory', but for now I think it's a fine home for stuff that's not linked to from the main page.

Stand-alone applications

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Fractal Landscapes

ver 3.0
32-bit version
This is a Delphi version of a Windows version of a program I originally wrote way back in 1987. Late in 1995, I accepted a commission to write a magazine article on 3d fractal landscapes, and this updated version was part of that effort. It's not blindingly fast, but it's pretty and it's fun; draws in 'wire mesh', filled triangle, and 'rendered' modes. 31K source is available.

Turbo/Borland Pascal/Delphi programmers' utilities and source code

Syntax Highlighter ver 1.0
A 'tray' app that reads C++ or Delphi source from the clipboard, and writes it back to the clipboard with HTML and RTF markup.

Huge model code for BPW and 16-bit Delphi 1. ver 1.0 4K
Allocate and use >64K memory blocks, as is required in .WAV and DIB processing. See my 1993 PC Techniques article for documentation.

Floppy Allocater ver 1.0 29K
BP7 source code for a DOS-mode genetic algorithm solution to the NP-complete 'bin packing' problem of putting a number of files onto the fewest possible (distribution) floppies.

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